Balcony Flooring Questions: Grass Carpet Or Tiles?

Having an outdoor space in your home is an asset nowadays. People stay in their homes more than usual because of the current pandemic. With this, they want an area that reminds them of the outside world or anything natural.

If choosing between grass carpet and tiles in Singapore for your balcony, explore these customer queries to help you decide.

QUERY #1: My outdoor area always gets wet because of the rain. Which material should I get?

Balconies are outdoor spaces that are prone to rain and other external forces. If you are concerned about slippages and other issues brought by water, a grass carpet in Singapore has the same resistance as tiles. However, they might be high-maintenance, so the decision depends on your preferences as an owner. In this case, you will be better off picking the latter.

QUERY #2: I have kids running around the house. What type of flooring is the safest?

A grass carpet is safer than tiles because of its soft texture. You will also not worry about falls and other accidents because of it. In this case, families who want total safety would benefit from soft flooring options. They are also comfortable for adults who love stepping out of the house to enjoy the fresh air.

QUERY #3: I want something low-maintenance. Which should I get?

Your best bet would be simple water-resistant tiles. Consider also the advantages of vinyl flooring from a trusted supplier in Singapore. They are both resistant and durable in outdoor conditions. Not to mention, easy to clean and maintain. (Tip: if you like working outdoors for a change of scenery, purchase something comfortable.)

QUERY #4: Does getting both grass and tiles affect the look?

No, using both grass carpet and tiles in Singapore is still appealing. You get to mingle greenery with modern looks. Not to mention, it looks more natural if you want that look.

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