4 Common Types of Flush Systems You Can Use for Your Toilet

Many people might not think the same way, but the bathroom is truly one of the best parts of any living space. Who doesn’t need to answer the call of nature? In the comfort of your own home, you’re going to want a bathroom that you feel comfortable using. That’s why your choice of the best toilet bowl brands in Singapore can affect your experience

While it’s funny to think that your choice of toilet plumbing matters, it’s not a choice that you should take for granted. For example, the kind of flush system you use can affect your water usage and even noise levels during flushing.

How do you choose which flush system is best for a toilet bowl in Singapore? Here are some of the most common options.

1) Gravity flush. The gravity flush system is one of the oldest types of flush systems. It uses the weight of the water itself to create pressure for the flush. Because it uses few moving parts, it’s also one of the quietest flush systems.

2) Dual flush. Because of its environmentally conscious design, the dual flush became one of the most popular toilet flush systems. Two buttons on the toilet allow you to make a “full” or “partial” flush for the two waste types.

3) Tornado Flush. Pioneered by TOTO, the tornado flush system uses two nozzles to create a cyclonic flush. This can save more water than a regular flush.

4) Pressure-assisted flush. This type of flush is similar to a gravity flush but contains an extra mechanism to make the flushing action more forceful. This flush system is more powerful, but louder.

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