4 Simple Steps to Cleaning Out Your Water Pressure Tank

A pressure tank is important for many purposes. You can find a water tank or air pressure tank in industrial settings, commercial spaces, and even homes. These tanks have the sole purpose of keeping the water levels in your systems constant. Without them, it will be next to impossible to control the flow of liquid or gas in the system.

Do you need to maintain a pressure tank in your home or workplace? You’re going to need to clean them so they can continue to function correctly for longer. Learn more about how to clean your pressure tanks.

Note that other types of pressure tanks may have other ways for you to clean them. Remember to consult the manual or ask a professional how you can clean the tank.

  1. Turn off your pressure tank. When your pressure tank is in use, it’s much more difficult to clean as there are significant amounts of air or liquid in them. Remember to disconnect your pressure tank from the power source.
  1. Remove the upper parts of your tank carefully. Check the instructions on how to disassemble your tank. Inspect your pressure tank carefully for any signs of damage, corrosion, and other issues that can affect its performance.
  1. Drain the water from your pressure tank. The water inside your tank may or may not look clean. To clean out your pressure tank, you need to completely drain it. Use a built-in drain or use a hose to lead the water away from your tank.
  1. Wipe out the inside of your tank. There’s bound to be some buildup of dirt and grime after long use. Remember to wipe the inside of your tank thoroughly before putting the parts back together again.

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