4 Simple Ways To Protect Wooden Dining Table in Singapore

Many homeowners today are looking for and investing in a wooden dining table. Wood remains the most common material for your dining table and kitchen furniture due to its appearance, strength and durability. Still, many find it fickle to maintain and preserve such items. After all, buying a wooden table or dining furniture in Singapore sometimes takes quite a fortune.

An untreated and poorly maintained wooden dining table would wear out its wood’s finish and can lead to warping. We will explore how you can look out and care for your wooden dining tables to ensure lasting use throughout the years. Without further ado, here are a few tips to follow:

Use A Dining Mat

The dining mat is more than just an aesthetic purpose and decoration for your table. If you are planning to buy a wooden dining table in Singapore, dining mats are useful protection for covering up your table’s surface to prevent scratches. It also serves as outside elements, such as dust and grime (which can wear out surfaces). Food and drinks can ruin the wood’s finish. Hence it’s not surprising to see why hotels and fancy restaurants use mats.

Keep Away From Heat

Heat can ruin your wooden dining table and wooden-made furniture, causing them to warp. Thus if you want to ensure lasting protection on wooden material items, ensure that you keep them away from direct sunlight exposure. You can also use good protection to cover your wooden furniture, such as using heat-resistant mats/placemats. Hot dishes and a fresh pan out of the oven or stove can also cause harm to your wooden table, so be sure to keep them in mind.

Regularly Dust Off Your Wood Table

Whether you’re buying oak or teak furniture in Singapore, you should keep in mind that cleaning them regularly also helps ensure lasting quality and condition. For table furniture, cleaning and dusting off dust and grimes can prevent them from stretching off the wood’s finish. Use a cotton diaper, lint-free cloth, or a cut-up old shirt with water to simply clean the table’s surface.

Be Mindful Of Humidity Level

Humidity is also another factor that can cause damage and deterioration to your wooden dining table (and other wooden-made furniture). The excess humidity level can cause swelling since wood absorbs moisture. On the other hand, dry air causes wood to shrink.

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